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Scalia on the Culture Wars

A great Catholic and American passed today. Many of Antonin Scalia’s opinions were an inspiration to us non-lawyers on how the public debate should be approached. Scalia’s dissent on the Federal Defense of Marriage Act in June 2015: … to … Continue reading

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Floyd a wife beater?

Now I have officially heard it all. On various radio outlets, I’ve heard allegations that Floyd from Mayberry is alleged to have committed various acts of spousal abuse. Absolutely ridiculous allegations. First of all, the actor who played Floyd Lawson … Continue reading

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Whispering sweet McDoubles

Thanks to Cesar Millan and the most bountiful food product that has ever existed in human history, I was able to build a relationship with my wife’s Maltese over the years. It did not start well. After various failed attempts … Continue reading

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Dear Cleveland fans, #sorryifwetookthebest4

Who would have thunk it. The Miami Heat’s dynastic run was ultimately doomed by well meaning Abuelitas. Oh they look innocent enough, I know. But we must approach the LeBron James departure autopsy with the cold-bloodlessness of an NBA executive … Continue reading

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Borking may not be as fun in the afterlife

Somewhere in purgatory, I’m betting that Robert Bork wants to speak with Ted Kennedy and the feeling is not mutual. Here’s one vision of how that might go: Attired in scuba gear and standing beside a 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 with … Continue reading

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John Wooden and what’s important

A man of great Christian faith and a great American passed in June of 2010, a few months shy of turning 100. The Christian in me was happy for his Judgment Day and much anticipated reunion wife his wife of … Continue reading

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Great Wealth and Business Collaborators – Of Camels and Needles

The death of Steve Jobs reminded me yet again about how not to measure greatness. Exhibits A & B: See Steve Wozniak and Pirates of Silicon Valley. Exhibit C: my blog post from April 2010 copied below. ======================================================= Bill Gates … Continue reading

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Mike González – In The Game

Mike González died about when I was graduating from the great Miami Senior High. His name was familiar to me growing up because my father would mention his accomplishments as a Cuban in MLB with pride, along with his namesake, … Continue reading

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Lyle Lovett and My Neighborhood Friends

I went to the funeral of the father of a great friend recently. Among the many people who came to pay their respects were about 10 guys from the neighborhood who had grown up together within a couple of years … Continue reading

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Benjamin Franklin – Not All Change Is Progress

Benjamin Franklin’s inscription on the tombstone of his parents. Josiah Franklin and Abiah his wife, lie here interred. They lived lovingly together in wedlock fifty-five years; and without an estate or any careful employment; by constant labor and honest industry, … Continue reading

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