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Happy Independence Day

The Declaration of Independence was drafted by Thomas Jefferson during the June 1776 Continental Congress. The beautiful painting to the left illustrates what ‘drafting’ represented. The video below from HBO’s goosebumps inducing [e.g. Adams and Jefferson both died 50 years … Continue reading

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What are we not aware of today?

Quick test.  I will give you two sets of facts and events and you pick those which you think matter most today and beyond?  As background, assume we have been dropped into Poland in 1918?  Here are the first set … Continue reading

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Benjamin Franklin – Not All Change Is Progress

Benjamin Franklin’s inscription on the tombstone of his parents. Josiah Franklin and Abiah his wife, lie here interred. They lived lovingly together in wedlock fifty-five years; and without an estate or any careful employment; by constant labor and honest industry, … Continue reading

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Faith, Hope and Clarity

I find much much to be distressed about in the news of the times and the latest charlatans. But if I remain distressed, it is due to a combination of my failures. First, is the failure of faith and then … Continue reading

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