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Wrights and infectious stuff

The brothers who ultimately stand atop the Right Stuff pyramid, knew all about infectious stuff, like bacteria and dreams. A pair of separate events occurred in 1896 in which the human spirit triumphed in confronting the deadly age-old bacterial infection, … Continue reading

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Pop culture vs. Reality, aka #GWC

There was a time when the images of those on the bus below dominated pop culture. [Their image, as usual, was best captured by Tom Wolfe]. Who knew that the engineers who founded Fairchild Semiconductor were the ones who would … Continue reading

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Marlins Stadium Article Mentions 2 Think Good Blog

I could feel that something odd was happening to my blog for the past few days. Sure enough, a review of my site stats confirmed it, readers! The two-day triple-digit deluge of visitors were sent over by a generous mention … Continue reading

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Striding Out With A Dionysian Yea-Saying

Over at one of my favorite blogs, Marginal Revolution, they draw a contrast between the strutting of a Red-capped Manakin vs that of Indian and Pakistani border closing displays. Silly walks vs. moon walks. Manakin vs. Manichaeism. Before I laugh … Continue reading

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Shudder Island

Spoiler alert – I recommend you watch [and even pay for] the movie Shutter Island, but this blog post will give away parts of the story. I am a fan of Martin Scorsese’s movies. So it has been disconcerting over … Continue reading

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1965: Good Ol’ Boys and Tom Wolfe

Esquire recently selected what it considered to be the 7 greatest articles they ever published. One of them was by Tom Wolfe in March 1965. The article was about stock car racing and Junior Johnson. An excerpt: The first lap … Continue reading

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Whose Struggle Are You Getting Involved With?

UPDATED: Please visit the 26th Parallel blog which also had a post on this issue. In addition, Robert provided some very useful links to sites which address the issue of Priestly celibacy. If the answer to the title post is … Continue reading

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Carl Hiaasen & The LSD-PL Syndrome

Carl Hiaasen is a great novelist. So sayeth Tom Wolfe, which is good enough for me. Hiaasen is also a long-time South Florida resident who has left of center political views and airs those views as a regular columnist for … Continue reading

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When ‘Baaaa Means No’

See this is what Tom Wolfe is talking about when he writes about the need for writers to ‘plunge into the irresistibly lurid carnival of American life today.’ One of Wolfe’s favorite writers, Carl Hiaasen, has some fun in his … Continue reading

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John Updike Reporting on Ted Williams as Recommended by the Great Tom Wolfe

John Updike was a great American writer who died very recently. Ted Williams was a great American baseball player who died not so recently. In reading about Updike, I discovered that he had written an essay on Ted Williams last … Continue reading

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