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Ichiro reminds us why we are fans

The only embargo being lifted in Miami in 2015 relates to an islands nation with a proud baseball tradition dating back to the 19th century, Japan.  As such; I, generic Marlins fan of Hispanic background, being of some mind and … Continue reading

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Fully Baked Zito

Barry Zito has hit on a clever tactic to be left alone. In a GQ interview, he acknowledged that he was a Christian who enjoyed reading C.S. Lewis. His interviewer, Nathaniel Penn, gives what I think is an accurate recap … Continue reading

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In the name of the Son and imperfection

One of my favorite writers is the columnist George Will. Will wrote about his son on his 40th birthday: Jon was born just 19 years after James Watson and Francis Crick published their discoveries concerning the structure of DNA, discoveries … Continue reading

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Stan Musial: Great Catholic American

Book: Stan Musial: An American Life by George Vecsey Method: Read library copy What I got from the book: The word nice is essential to understanding who Stan Musial was. The book cloth color is Cardinal Red, naturally. The dust … Continue reading

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Petro-Dictatorships and the NY Yankees

What do Petro-Dictatorships and the New York Yankees have in common? Vast resources which facilitate autocratic rule and encourage financial incompetence. In the case of the Yankees, cable contracts for NY-based sports franchises are the equivalent of extensive oil reserves … Continue reading

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Tom Paciorek

Sept 1989 – Chicago White Sox broadcaster, when asked for his definition of boredom: Having to listen to someone talk about himself when I want to talk about me.

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