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The not so perfect box and chain thing

Bill Gates money is going into the toilet. But its good news for all. From a recent Economist article: If Thomas Crapper were around today, he would find our toilets quite familiar,” says Bill Gates, referring to the Victorian manufacturer … Continue reading

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Great Wealth and Business Collaborators – Of Camels and Needles

The death of Steve Jobs reminded me yet again about how not to measure greatness. Exhibits A & B: See Steve Wozniak and Pirates of Silicon Valley. Exhibit C: my blog post from April 2010 copied below. ======================================================= Bill Gates … Continue reading

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Bill Gates and copyright infringement. Not even death do them part

Bill Gates takes copyright infringement so seriously, he can’t even let it go when he has literally buried his opponent. H. Edward Roberts, credited by Bill Gates as the inventor of the PC and a native Miamian [Miami Senior High … Continue reading

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