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Moneyballing a PhD wannabe vs The Great Courses

Moneyballing – ˈmənē/bôl/ing – to buy what is undervalued and sell what is overvalued. In the introduction to his recent book, The Undoing Project, Michael Lewis admits that reviewers of his Moneyball book made an important observation about his book’s … Continue reading

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Shane Battier, Vasily Alekseyev and the Cuban Embargo

As the supposed death watch on the Cuban Embargo unfolds, fear not my fellow reactionary bitterly exiled heartless souls, all is not lost. In fact, given octogenarian and nonagenarian actuarial tables, the probabilities still favor the Embargo being in effect … Continue reading

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Injecting Reason into the Steroids Debate

I contend that science, sports nutrition and statistics offer us sane MLB fans a way out [see the last paragraph] of the boring steroids monologue and phony outrage which sports commentators threaten to drown us with this coming season. The … Continue reading

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Our Ballpark and $3 Billion Extrapolations

In a Miami Today article, Michael Lewis argues that Miami-Dade Convention Development [MDCD] taxes would be better spent on upgrading existing convention facilities than being applied towards a ballpark for a MLB team. He does so under a splashy headline, … Continue reading

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Why Golf is not a Sport

While we’re at, it let’s add stock car racing to the non-sport list. Any ‘activity’ in which a semi-retired [from his main non-physical profession] long-time AARP member can take up and succeed in later in life means that the equipment … Continue reading

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Great Writing and a non-GIST Alert

Ever read or see* something you really enjoyed and discover later that it was considered that way by a lot of other people – otherwise known as the gratuitous inconsequential spotting of talent [GIST]. I’ve always remembered great articles I … Continue reading

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