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The Problem With Unions

From a macro-level by Richard Posner: Current union hostility to immigrant workers is consistent with the unions’ former hostility to blacks and women–which is to say, to workers willing to work for a wage below the union wage. And by … Continue reading

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Multi-Cinema Civil Disobedience [MCCD]

Multi-Cinema Civil Disobedience [MCCD] = Watching one movie, while having purchased a ticket for another. I have conservative political views and love movies. This used to mean that I would end up voting with my entertainment dollars for people whose … Continue reading

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Auto Industry Bailout Debate

The chart comes by way of Greg Mankiw’s blog It’s fascinating to watch the auto industry bailout debate unfold. I have a natural aversion to arguments designed to pull at my heart strings, so if I see any version of … Continue reading

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Do free markets corrode moral character?

My biggest concern about the fallout from the financial crisis–which lead to the Federal Rescue Plan–is whether the response to that will lead to over-regulation, i.e. trending towards the Rorschach-word of the day, socialism. The use of the ‘s’ word … Continue reading

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Rescue Plan as Viewed by Economists

Forget Congress for now, whatever emerges there is a compromise of the least objectionable ideas. I’m curious about how the intelligentsia views what is occurring. The most respected university in economics is the University of Chicago. Economists there took the … Continue reading

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The logic of political extremism

Sometimes we can over-analyze these things. Why is Hollywood so predominantly liberal? Just look at who they are and what they do. That’s what Richard Posner does below. But why should actors and other creative workers in the Hollywood film … Continue reading

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They eat their own PhD’s – A PC tale

Be afraid, be very afraid. If there was a cheesy documentary made about the side effects of political correctness, that’s your opening voice-over. What’s sobering about the person whose plight I highlight is that he was one of, if not … Continue reading

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What should government do?

Forcing fast-food restaurants to disclose calories seems like a safe ‘no’ by my way of thinking, but it’s not the clear cut answer I thought before I read the following from the Becker-Posner blog – this is Posner: A law … Continue reading

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Judge Jeri Beth Cohen

Perception: The Braman lawsuit regarding the efforts to build the Marlins a stadium on the Orange Bowl site will determine if the local government’s [Global] megaplan are reasonable and whether the Marlins are paying their fair share.Reality: The case in … Continue reading

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Cartoon Physics, Debt and Calvinism

On the one hand, I tend to be in philosophical agreement with the kind of people who feel that our societies are in decline. So when I read David Brooks column about how debt is undermining values required for a … Continue reading

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