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Scalia on the Culture Wars

A great Catholic and American passed today. Many of Antonin Scalia’s opinions were an inspiration to us non-lawyers on how the public debate should be approached. Scalia’s dissent on the Federal Defense of Marriage Act in June 2015: … to … Continue reading

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About that transgender conversation

As with most topics in the culture wars, the trojan horse of starting the conversation¹ has been trotted out to mask the desire to change belief systems [if there were a scrabble point system in blogging, this sentence would be … Continue reading

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Culture War standings – 1948

The Right wing got off to a beautiful start in the culture wars 64 years ago today, when a ballsy congressman from California, Richard Nixon, smelled a rat in Alger Hiss’s denial of Whittaker Chambers accusation of being a communist. … Continue reading

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