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Offshore Money, Taxes And Obama Apologists

In the survival-of-the-fittest environment of blogging economists, a revealing story unfolded. What began as a practical lesson in corporate finance, ended up highlighting the hypocrisy of a key Obama cheerleader who is all for higher taxes, as long as others … Continue reading

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Apologists for repressive regimes

In the thankless world of apologists for repressive regimes, the cradle to grave dedication of the New York Times to the Castro [Barabbas?] dictatorship is something to read [Behold the Apologists?]. Gray Lady meet Pontius Pilate, the most egregious example … Continue reading

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Striding Out With A Dionysian Yea-Saying

Over at one of my favorite blogs, Marginal Revolution, they draw a contrast between the strutting of a Red-capped Manakin vs that of Indian and Pakistani border closing displays. Silly walks vs. moon walks. Manakin vs. Manichaeism. Before I laugh … Continue reading

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Their Own Separate or Private Idaho?

It turns out the B-52’s were ahead of their time. Not musically, of course. No, they were forerunners in the great privatization debate about the great state of Idaho. Kidding of course, but the always interesting Marginal Revolution blog put … Continue reading

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Buy a House, Get a Visa

The always interesting Marginal Revolution blog, endorses an idea so simple and smart, it must have no chance of succeeding. Thomas Friedman describes the source of the idea: Leave it to a brainy Indian to come up with the cheapest … Continue reading

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What if They Don’t Know How to Fix This?

The ‘they’ in the post title are economists. While there always many schools of thought, the amazing thing about this current financial crisis is that we are truly in uncharted territory. Two of the most influential economist bloggers are admitting … Continue reading

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They eat their own PhD’s – A PC tale

Be afraid, be very afraid. If there was a cheesy documentary made about the side effects of political correctness, that’s your opening voice-over. What’s sobering about the person whose plight I highlight is that he was one of, if not … Continue reading

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