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Why not all change is progress

Want to know why 2,000 year-old institutions don’t change based on the advice of *bantamweight* intellectual advisers, like say a Fr. Cutie?  Ross Douthat provides one answer in his NYT op-ed column. Every word should be read, but here are … Continue reading

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John Wooden and what’s important

A man of great Christian faith and a great American passed in June of 2010, a few months shy of turning 100. The Christian in me was happy for his Judgment Day and much anticipated reunion wife his wife of … Continue reading

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Apologists for repressive regimes

In the thankless world of apologists for repressive regimes, the cradle to grave dedication of the New York Times to the Castro [Barabbas?] dictatorship is something to read [Behold the Apologists?]. Gray Lady meet Pontius Pilate, the most egregious example … Continue reading

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Real poverty and those who fight it

Hint: It would include no one advocating a greater role for government in the life of the poor. Those types may be well-intentioned, but the goal of eliminating poverty is fundamentally at odds with the need to establish constituencies — … Continue reading

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Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, RIP

A great hero in the struggle against communism, or totalitarianism, has passed. I read Warning to the West, which was based on his speech at Harvard in 1978, and it had a great impact on me. Specifically, it sold me … Continue reading

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