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Whispering sweet McDoubles

Thanks to Cesar Millan and the most bountiful food product that has ever existed in human history, I was able to build a relationship with my wife’s Maltese over the years. It did not start well. After various failed attempts … Continue reading

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#Holdmeback and the Cultural Left

If you are an NBA fan, Jalen Rose’s podcasts with David Jacoby are a must listen. Rose has become my Freakonomics-like interpreter for what’s really going on in the league, given his perspective as a former player with many remaining … Continue reading

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Don’t Call The EPA To Do A Volcano’s Job

Perception: The global warming debate resembles the evolution debate with two diametrically opposed views.  The radical left environmentalists [atheists] and the global warming deniers [fundamentalists]. Reality: The middle ground in this debate consists of those who are agnostic as to … Continue reading

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The Law of Unintended Consequences

From the Freakonomics blog, comes an example of how a law designed to prevent discrimination will actually encourage discrimination. This example deals with the Americans With Disabilities Act: A Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon named Andrew Brooks. When a deaf patient … Continue reading

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Norman Braman: Profile in Slippage?

You might say that Norman Braman is a ‘Regalado-r‘ of his money, but only if you have the following in your background: Rudimentary Spanish language skills. Familiar with Miami and the new stadium politics. Familiar with Bernard Madoff. Have a … Continue reading

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