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CBO Numbers Outsourced: Imagine The Potential

Congressional Democrats success at selling numbers produced by the Congressional Budget Office [CBO] which are based on assumptions which no one believes got me to thinking. Perhaps we can outsource the CBO to other organizations which could benefit from such … Continue reading

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Seal Not The Same — U2 fans Go Clubbing

Enraged U2 Fans Protest Supposed Ticket Snafu [AP-BHO Newswire] — Ontario Canada For U2 fans arriving at Ticket Master offices in Ontario, it was a not so beautiful day. Not when they were notified that their concert tickets had been … Continue reading

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Classic Latin Songs Labeled as Insensitive

Preemptive Federal Administrative Ruling [AP-BHO Newswire] In a move sure to be controversial, especially across South Florida’s Latin communities, a Department of Justice Civil Rights Division ruling has issued a list of songs which have been deemed insufficiently deferential to … Continue reading

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Bolt, The First Presidential Target?

Washington D.C. — January 20th 2009: [AP-BHO Newswire] At his 2nd press conference, President-elect Obama today surprised many by issuing a threat against Disney Studios. He stated that unless they agreed to remake its most recent animated movie, Bolt, he … Continue reading

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Barack Obama to personally deport Aunt

[AP-BHO Newswire] Sensing that his illegal alien aunt [Zeituni Onyango]–who has been living in public housing in Boston for at least 5 years–might be the only obstacle between him and the presidency, today Obama offered to ‘personally deport the scoundrel.’ … Continue reading

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First casualty of the Obama Administration

(AP-BHO Newswire) – In what is being referred to as the first casualty of the Obama Presidency, a promising young political cartoonist, Kay Suerte, was found dead today of an apparent suicide. Ms Suerte was 28 years old and had … Continue reading

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