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Payback on Planet Bron

Dateline July 2031: Today marks the 10th anniversary of The Announcement — coming 10 years to the day of The Decision — that Aliens are real. Turns out they have long been among us and possess a bizarre sense of … Continue reading

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Scientology’s Bombshell: Xenu vs Zena on PPV

In a stunning development, the Church of Scientology has decided to spin off its core beliefs into a separate entity whose relationship with Scientology would only exist through monitored arm’s length transactions. The new company, Thetan But Not Beaten [TBNB] … Continue reading

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Hey Hey LBJHow Many Franchises Did You Kill Today

Hey, how many anti-Vietnam war chants can I realistically invoke on this blog.

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Paul McCartney: What’s Fair To Say?

Paul McCartney turns 68 today, June 18th. Recently, he took a kinda of girly swipe [is he capable of any other?] at Bush 43. Republicans trying to score political points, asked him to apologize. McCartney, thrilled to be in the … Continue reading

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CBO Numbers Outsourced: Imagine The Potential

Congressional Democrats success at selling numbers produced by the Congressional Budget Office [CBO] which are based on assumptions which no one believes got me to thinking. Perhaps we can outsource the CBO to other organizations which could benefit from such … Continue reading

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Now That’s a Bunch of Lard

My love of Cuban Bread can survive knowledge of it’s ingredients, but why can’t food products have a spoiler alert? We could call the anti-spoiler law the IZ Alert. The IZ Alert law would acknowledge the inherent limitations of potentially … Continue reading

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Anticipatory Texting and Broken Social Contracts

How many texts would you feel comfortable sending someone regarding a social event and not show up? My initial impression is that I would not want to go over 5. That should be enough to express generic interest, get directions, … Continue reading

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Seal Not The Same — U2 fans Go Clubbing

Enraged U2 Fans Protest Supposed Ticket Snafu [AP-BHO Newswire] — Ontario Canada For U2 fans arriving at Ticket Master offices in Ontario, it was a not so beautiful day. Not when they were notified that their concert tickets had been … Continue reading

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Sting: The Lost Interview

How the Sting interview might have gone if the interviewer took him seriously: Ms Moody: What did you think of Obama when you met him?Sting: I found him to be very genuine, very present, clearly super-smart, and exactly what we … Continue reading

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A Few Observations #1

From Bernard Golberg’s blog: Did you hear the one about how President Obama, upon taking office, learned that the economy was in even worse shape than he thought – so in order to save money, he had to fire 17 … Continue reading

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