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Griese: Miami Legend Honored

I have written before about how much I admire Bob Griese. As a kid, he was almost a default hero as the Miami Dolphins quarterback. But as the years passed, when things beyond sports matter more in how you think … Continue reading

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A Few Observations #2

Rich Lowry on why Obama passed on commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall: Obama famously made a speech in Berlin during last year’s campaign, but at an event devoted to celebrating himself as the apotheosis of world hopefulness. He … Continue reading

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Bob Griese: Worthy Role Model

It is unfortunate to watch someone who has had such a distinguished career — as an athlete, broadcaster and leader in his community — be subjected to the type of hypocritical — in that no one really believes he is … Continue reading

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Birthplace of Many a Miami Dolphins Fan

I was listening to the Herald sportswriter Santos Perez comment on La Descarga Deportiva radio show this past week. Perez noted the similarities between this year’s Dolphin team and the 1970 team. The similarities include a new coach and dramatic … Continue reading

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Orange Bowl RIP — 1937 – 2008

The good news is that another stadium is going up in its place. Fitting usage of sacred grounds. If this looks like just another building being torn down to you. It probably means you weren’t there for any of the … Continue reading

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