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Haberstroh buries Simmons, not an urban legend!

‘Tom Haberstroh buries Bill Simmons’ was not the headline at ESPN, but it could have been. If it had been, the headline would have been more true to the substance of Haberstroh’s article than the headline they actually went with, … Continue reading

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BS Sports Guy living up to name

Update Jan 15, 2014: Read how Tom Haberstroh agrees with me. ————————————————————————————————- I am a fan of Bill Simmons. I enjoy his writing and podcasts. But as would be expected, the downside of his ESPN ubiquitousness is that he now … Continue reading

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Bill Simmons: Tiger Apologetic But LeBron Birther

Some people just can’t let some things go. One of my favorite sports writers has now so invested himself in hating LeBron James that he inserts cheap shots in columns which have nothing to do with LeBron. Normally I am … Continue reading

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Miami Heat and Ron Rothstein

This won’t feel right unless Miami Senior High Hall of FamerUdonis Haslem stays with the Heat. But that aside, there are a few things we can be certain of today. It’s a mistake to compare what the Heat have done … Continue reading

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Isiah Thomas: The Anti-Cristobal

The hiring of Mario Cristobal as the football coach at FIU was a welcome departure from the safe practice of hiring ‘names.’ He was a young coach with extensive roots in the area, personal and professional. The perception was that … Continue reading

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I Vote for Player of the Year

As an award. As fans, how and when did the MVP [in the grand tradition of other inferior winners, i.e. Windows & VHS] supplant Player of the Year [let’s have a big hand for those lovable losers, POY, Apple [operating … Continue reading

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Unmistakable Stench in the Sports Air

Dwyane Wade was incredible in the Heat’s victory, but you can read about that elsewhere. Let’s address the smell which comes with any visiting New York sports teams and their fans. The smell has various components. Old jerseys in need … Continue reading

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Must love dogs and The Dooze

Bill Simmons describes what it was like to get, have and lose a great pet. A golden retriever nicknamed, The Dooze. A sample: We had our new roommate within two weeks: an 8-week-old puppy named Daisy, or as we ended … Continue reading

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Samuelson [Wade] vs. Krugman [Kobe]

Robert Samuelson is a top economist who gets a wide audience, mostly due to his Newsweek column. I find him to be the most consistently politically-neutral economist around, think of him as the Dwyane Wade of economists; talented, hard-working and … Continue reading

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Funniest writing — Bill Simmons

The consistently funniest writing I come across comes from ESPN’s Sports Guy [SG], Bill Simmons. The surprise is that some of the best lines come from his readers in his mailbag forum. A sampling: Q: I had a stunning realization … Continue reading

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