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Lady Badgers Earn Fourth Title

If they were ignorant, rude, loud and smelled [i.e. New Yorkers], we would be raising our pitchforks in unison to protest their domination of the Frozen Four. But they’re from Wisconsin, skilled and mostly blonde so nobody, and we mean … Continue reading

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Miami Heat and Ron Rothstein

This won’t feel right unless Miami Senior High Hall of FamerUdonis Haslem stays with the Heat. But that aside, there are a few things we can be certain of today. It’s a mistake to compare what the Heat have done … Continue reading

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What Passes For Locust In Miami

What if the presence of so many obnoxious New Yorkers [Northeasterners really] in our community is not just the result of an aging population seeking warmer climates? For wisdom, we turn to the Word, Exodus 10:13-15 And the locust went … Continue reading

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Dishonest Florida Marlins Management

Jeffrey Loria makes Nick Saban look like an amateur. See Saban — who has an uncanny resemblance to a screeching, squealing, rapacious swamp sow when his lies are played on videotape — lied when cornered [see Tim Graham’s post]. Loria … Continue reading

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Yankee Pride?

When I hear ‘Yankee Pride,’ I know that I’m dealing with people having a automatic stimulus–response. A nice and round happy memory from their childhood being revived, which they now attempt to fit into the square peg which is the … Continue reading

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New York Jets = Retama de Guayacol

Retama de Guayacol = The underside of the barnacles which attach themselves to ships, I think. Whatever the precise meaning is, it ain’t a compliment. How do the New York Jets do it? How do they retain the ability and … Continue reading

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Mariano Rivera Will Be The Next John Smoltz

That 39-year old Mariano Rivera will be the next John Smoltz is a matter of if, not when. By ‘the next John Smoltz,’ we mean the example of an aging superstar pitcher whose body finally begins to pitch his age. … Continue reading

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Petro-Dictatorships and the NY Yankees

What do Petro-Dictatorships and the New York Yankees have in common? Vast resources which facilitate autocratic rule and encourage financial incompetence. In the case of the Yankees, cable contracts for NY-based sports franchises are the equivalent of extensive oil reserves … Continue reading

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Baseball on the Radio

I had one of those busy nights last Tuesday. I was shuttling my kids, my Mom & Tia around from nightfall on. The next to next to last stop was to pick up a friend on our way to a … Continue reading

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Unmistakable Stench in the Sports Air

Dwyane Wade was incredible in the Heat’s victory, but you can read about that elsewhere. Let’s address the smell which comes with any visiting New York sports teams and their fans. The smell has various components. Old jerseys in need … Continue reading

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