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A Child’s Life May Depend On It

Jorge Plasencia, co-founder and chairman of Amigos For Kids, highlights the need for all of us to be proactive about possible child abuse or neglect which we may become aware of. An excerpt from his column in the Miami Herald: … Continue reading

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Garden Variety: Eden, Gethsemane & Arimathea’s

Have you ever reflected on the role gardens play in our Christian faith? I hadn’t thought of it until I read this homily by Fr Valle. An excerpt from his Easter homily: It is very interesting that Mary ends up … Continue reading

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Calling Pam and Bob Tebow

I think the E-Trade baby commercials are very funny. However, it would not take much imagination to foresee that the kid is probably destined for type of reality show freak existence. There is hope of course. Perhaps his parents are … Continue reading

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One Possible Response to Tebow Super Bowl Ad

The fact that there are people in our society who take offense to the Tebow family story being a part of the Super Bowl made me think. Who or what would constitute the flip side to the Tim Tebow story? … Continue reading

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A Few Observations #1

From Bernard Golberg’s blog: Did you hear the one about how President Obama, upon taking office, learned that the economy was in even worse shape than he thought – so in order to save money, he had to fire 17 … Continue reading

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Weakness Which Leads To Perfection

What is meant in St Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, where he notes that God spoke to him saying, “My grace is enough for you, for in human weakness the power of God reaches perfection?” Fr Vallee gives us … Continue reading

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What Real Catholics Believe

The simple answer is, The Creed. But as to the controversial issues, such as abortion, the title post is an oxymoron. Catholics are to taught to avoid judging others [ i.e. who is the real …?]. We are taught instead … Continue reading

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Why We Pray for Priests

A portion of Fr Vallee’s homily for Mother’s Day: I. Mother’s Day/OrdinationsToday, I went to the ordination of three priests at the Cathedral. As you may know, the “form” of ordination is Bishop’s Prayer of Consecration. The “matter” of ordination … Continue reading

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Whose Struggle Are You Getting Involved With?

UPDATED: Please visit the 26th Parallel blog which also had a post on this issue. In addition, Robert provided some very useful links to sites which address the issue of Priestly celibacy. If the answer to the title post is … Continue reading

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The Daily Gospel

The most practical and effective email list a lot of my friends and I are on is the The Daily Gospel [DGO]. As the title suggests, it is a daily reminder of that day’s Gospel reading. DGO is produced by … Continue reading

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