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Shane Battier, Vasily Alekseyev and the Cuban Embargo

As the supposed death watch on the Cuban Embargo unfolds, fear not my fellow reactionary bitterly exiled heartless souls, all is not lost. In fact, given octogenarian and nonagenarian actuarial tables, the probabilities still favor the Embargo being in effect … Continue reading

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Dear Cleveland fans, #sorryifwetookthebest4

Who would have thunk it. The Miami Heat’s dynastic run was ultimately doomed by well meaning Abuelitas. Oh they look innocent enough, I know. But we must approach the LeBron James departure autopsy with the cold-bloodlessness of an NBA executive … Continue reading

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Heat fans need more eFG less OMG

In the upcoming NBA Finals game 4, the Spurs ‘effective field goal percentage’ [*eFG%] will very likely be at .500 or less. The Spurs have only beaten Miami once, last year’s game 1, when their eFG% was under .500. However, … Continue reading

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Miami Heat fans and the dynastic cycle

So this is what it feels like to be in the middle of a dynastic cycle. If I were shown the nearby picture of the 2008 USA Olympic basketball team, I would have seen a relaxed bench at the end … Continue reading

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How the Pacers differ from Barbarian Tribes in Germania

A friend, on the eve of a religious Retreat, once shared a moving philosophical exchange from a surprising movie source. The movie was based on the work of Robert E. Howard, a pioneer in the field of pulp fiction: Mongol … Continue reading

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Haberstroh buries Simmons, not an urban legend!

‘Tom Haberstroh buries Bill Simmons’ was not the headline at ESPN, but it could have been. If it had been, the headline would have been more true to the substance of Haberstroh’s article than the headline they actually went with, … Continue reading

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BS Sports Guy living up to name

Update Jan 15, 2014: Read how Tom Haberstroh agrees with me. ————————————————————————————————- I am a fan of Bill Simmons. I enjoy his writing and podcasts. But as would be expected, the downside of his ESPN ubiquitousness is that he now … Continue reading

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If Bizarro NBA season continues …

Entering game 6 of the NBA Finals, I recap, in honor of Seinfeld and Sgt. Friday, some bizarro facts, ma’am: Defending NBA champions Considered by opponents, ‘Hollywood as hell’ Head coach turning 43 years old during year Team featured 3 … Continue reading

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Are eventual NBA champs ever routed in Finals?

A great friend and loyal Heat fan texted me the following after the Spurs crushed the Heat [PG version]: Shameful day for Heat fans … impossible to win by 20ish and then lose by 30ish … real champions would never … Continue reading

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The two roads from two two

So how common is it for NBA conference finals to go 2-2? Is it an indicator of weakness? Do great teams ever struggle in the playoffs? The Basketball-Reference web site provides us details and we can draw our own conclusions. … Continue reading

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