Kindred spirits: Sgt Brody and our president?

As I watched the season finale of the Showtime Homeland series, I couldn’t help wonder what like-minded souls thought of Sgt. Brody’s clever rationalization for his inability to detonate the bomb which would have killed the VP [and the show’s future]. Brody’s initial plea to live, spoken to a fellow traitior, is based on an idea to “influence policy,” which the Islamofascist Abu Nazir repackages as, “why kill a man when you can kill an idea.”

Which begs the question, what policy or ideas would Islamofascists be interested in killing or promoting? I can think of a couple of obvious ones:

  • Diminish the concept of American exceptionalism – Charles Murray article and on Youtube with Dennis Prager
  • Minimize the role of Muslims and Islam in actual terrorist activities – see here and here

Similarities between Sgt Nicholas Brody and the most Islamic Christian you’ll ever meet:

  • Neither can pray publicly
  • Adored by those who don’t know them – Dinesh D’Souza’s efforts aside
  • Must eschew more radical tactics advocated by their mentors
  • Disciplined to not reveal real thoughts or emotions
  • Hounded by unstable woman

Homeland series links:

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