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The Schilling effect

Curt Schilling got in trouble with his employer [ESPN] for tweeting a comparison of the number of Muslim extremists that might exist today vs the number of Nazis in 1940. [May I suggest Stalin or Pol Pot for future attempts … Continue reading

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How the Pacers differ from Barbarian Tribes in Germania

A friend, on the eve of a religious Retreat, once shared a moving philosophical exchange from a surprising movie source. The movie was based on the work of Robert E. Howard, a pioneer in the field of pulp fiction: Mongol … Continue reading

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People that go Boo Boo in the night

Friend of the blog and past contributor, Wichi, weighs in on his new least favorite television show(s): In the midst of the killing season, i.e., bashing our least favorite candidate for the Office of the President, permit me a brief … Continue reading

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Process of elimination

Here’s why the Miami Heat losing game 5 at home could be a good thing.  The Heat would not have home court advantage in the Finals against either the Spurs or the Thunder. Which means that they would likely have … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Lakers invoking the Vienna Convention?

Guest blogger, Wichi, weighs-in on World Peace’s battering of James Harden and what it says about society’s celebrity lust. So how is the (latest) Artest criminal act not drawing the immediate attention of the Los Angeles police department?  Somewhere Kermit … Continue reading

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Miami Heat: A Fan’s Plea to Keep Track Of All Those Jumping Off The Bandwagon

Before you have even one word of conversation with anyone about the Heat today, you need to get them on the record in response to one question. The question’s genesis is rooted in more serious topics — from friend and … Continue reading

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The Circus Clowns Mocking The Dancing Bears

Guest blogger, Wichi, weighs-in. The sport media reached heretofore unthought of lows on the Lebron decision/announcement. First they fell all over themselves tweeting, commenting, rumoring, etc. Then, like jealous hyena’s forced to watch the carcass being enjoyed by a pride … Continue reading

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Power and Glory: Home For That Halladay

I was there for Roy Halladay’s perfect game against the Marlins Saturday night. Good thing too, it created a memory ready to be stirred. It will forever be the evening I attended a historic game with a good friend, as … Continue reading

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Who Was Mario "Motts" Tonelli?

I didn’t know who Mario “Motts” Tonelli was before this past weekend. Then I visited the Italian American Sports Hall of Fame [NIASHF] in Chicago. The cost of admission is very reasonable, but if this world had any logic, they … Continue reading

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When their Godfather knowledge is full of holes

As any Godfather fan worth their cannolis learned at their Mother’s knee, Santino Corleone was killed at the tollbooths entering the Long Beach Causeway (also known as the Loop Parkway), which connects Long Beach with the Meadowbrook State Parkway near … Continue reading

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