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How the Pacers differ from Barbarian Tribes in Germania

A friend, on the eve of a religious Retreat, once shared a moving philosophical exchange from a surprising movie source. The movie was based on the work of Robert E. Howard, a pioneer in the field of pulp fiction: Mongol … Continue reading

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LeBron James favorite new latrine

Good news for Heat: Lebron James puts Kevin Garnett’s big mouth to good use.  Bad news [ode to Zaslow] for Celtics:  King James is not finished.  Whole lotta chowda.

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Bona Fides For Bonifacio

How does one obtain a Marlins Fan bona fides? First you have to fan invest [explained here] in the team. Ideally, you would take a seemingly indefensible situation and attempt a reasonable defense. For example, defending a manager’s [Fredi Gonzalez] … Continue reading

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Power and Glory: Home For That Halladay

I was there for Roy Halladay’s perfect game against the Marlins Saturday night. Good thing too, it created a memory ready to be stirred. It will forever be the evening I attended a historic game with a good friend, as … Continue reading

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Emilio Bonifacio and His Selectively Tough Critics

After “Michael Jackson,” the phrase “why is Emilio Bonifacio playing everyday” was the most popular worldwide search term in Google last week. Or maybe it just seems that way. Earlier in the week, Juan Rodriguez’s Sun-Sentinel blog basically told Marlins … Continue reading

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