First casualty of the Obama Administration

(AP-BHO Newswire) – In what is being referred to as the first casualty of the Obama Presidency, a promising young political cartoonist, Kay Suerte, was found dead today of an apparent suicide. Ms Suerte was 28 years old and had been the Chicago-Hyde Park Tribune’s political cartoonist since 2004. She was known as a harsh critic of the Bush Administration and a defender of liberal causes.

Political cartoon industry leader, Creators Syndicate, posted a tribute to her work online and referred to her as, ‘a real spark-plug with no conscious, she’ll be missed.’ Her most famous cartoon depicted a nude President Bush selecting Pakistani orphans to be executed through the use of ‘tasers’ popularized by the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney World.

A spokeswoman for the Hyde Park police said Ms. Suerte’s sister, Jane Smith, returned home to find that her sister had hung herself using only bio-degradable materials [Ms. Suerte was also known as fierce environmentalist]. Ms. Suerte’s father, Nomar Suerte, claimed in an interview on Sunday that his daughter’s depression had been job related.

Since Barack Obama’s candidacy began, Ms. Suerte had been informed by her bosses that her fellow Hyde Park resident was off limits as a subject for her editorial cartoons until after the election. Details are sketchy, but it is believed that she was informed early last week that the ‘special period‘ would extend throughout his Presidency, including the 2nd term!

A friend who asked not to be identified commented, ‘Look we ALL share Barack’s dream, but here you have the next president who bears an uncanny resemblance to a beloved children’s cartoon character [Curious George], he’s from her back yard and she can’t go there? Just because some racist pigs tried to hijack the idea! In the hands of a sympathetic cartoonist, it could have been special. Cartoonists live for moments and resemblances like this. She thought she had earned their trust and it was going to be her masterpiece. Their refusal to compromise was just plain cold.’

Through a posting on her Facebook page, the family communicated that in lieu of flowers and especially in lieu of commercial greeting cards, non-denominational, non-ecumenical and non-judgmental prayers were requested. The message was punctuated by a ‘HITH [Him or It or Them or Her] will be done’ sign-off.

Matthew 14:36 – And sought him that they might only touch the hem of his garment: and as many as touched were made perfectly whole.

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