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D-Day Inspiration, Lt. Robert Patrick Mathias

Lacking any direct connection to those who served in WWII, my appreciation of them has over time come to be symbolized in one hero — described in historian Stephen E. Ambrose’s 1994 book, D-Day, June 6, 1944 — the impressive … Continue reading

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Richard Sherman gets his comeuppance

Dear web traffic due to inexact search terms, jodete. Anyways, not all comeuppance are bad and we do like to think good here. The person I allude to is one of the Sherman Brothers’ who wrote more motion-picture musical song … Continue reading

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Be like Walt and Pat, positive and prolific

I grew up with happy, albeit vague, memories of Disney television programs and a definite love of Disney World which has survived puberty, parenting and my middle ages. So it is with a certain sense of relief that the more … Continue reading

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To suffer the pain of what is hidden

Originally posted on 2 Think Good:
In the middle of reading Nick Hornby’s clever book about books, The Complete Polysyllabic Spree, I came across an amazing letter from an unexpected motivational speaker, Anton Chekhov. Below are portions of Chekhov’s letter, written…

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Erik the Viking, Goliath and Jonathan Martin

The family of the giant Philistine warrior beheaded by David, Goliath from Gath, filed suit today in the International Criminal Court at The Hague against the past King of Judah and Israel under a crime of aggression statue. The family’s … Continue reading

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Seward and Hagen fly under your radar

While I have always loved Lincoln, the recent adulation of him on the left constitutes an unmistakable signal to revisit my views. Not coincidentally, a recent review of Walter Stahr’s book, Seward: Lincoln’s Indispensable Man, uncovered a revealing exchange between … Continue reading

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Clubbing with Clive and the Inklings

Are you part of a club? Ever been apologetic or embarrassed by enjoying the company of like-minded souls in an environment where talking is the main activity? Tired of being pushed around by bottom-line types who question the wisdom of … Continue reading

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Lost in the land of Lincoln, don’t send help

A 4th grade reading assignment begat a heated argument with a girl with glasses who I knew was smarter than me but wrong on the issue [so much has changed] of the greatest president; And heated argument begat trip [50 … Continue reading

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Culture War standings – 1948

The Right wing got off to a beautiful start in the culture wars 64 years ago today, when a ballsy congressman from California, Richard Nixon, smelled a rat in Alger Hiss’s denial of Whittaker Chambers accusation of being a communist. … Continue reading

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John Grisham’s mini-brain fart

Listening to the audiobook of John Grisham’s new novel, Calico Joe, I heard something which made me pause, not unlike how Jaguar Paw might have reacted to coming across a Chili’s outside a Mayan city. What I heard was that … Continue reading

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