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Seward and Hagen fly under your radar

While I have always loved Lincoln, the recent adulation of him on the left constitutes an unmistakable signal to revisit my views. Not coincidentally, a recent review of Walter Stahr’s book, Seward: Lincoln’s Indispensable Man, uncovered a revealing exchange between … Continue reading

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Lost in the land of Lincoln, don’t send help

A 4th grade reading assignment begat a heated argument with a girl with glasses who I knew was smarter than me but wrong on the issue [so much has changed] of the greatest president; And heated argument begat trip [50 … Continue reading

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Obama and Lincoln — Keep Hype Alive

A recent Bloomberg article points out the obvious efforts to compare Obama and Lincoln. Politically, I understand the attempt. But until someone directly spikes my kool-aid, I have to point out why I think the comparison is laughable, while still … Continue reading

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