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Richard Sherman gets his comeuppance

Dear web traffic due to inexact search terms, jodete. Anyways, not all comeuppance are bad and we do like to think good here. The person I allude to is one of the Sherman Brothers’ who wrote more motion-picture musical song … Continue reading

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Be like Walt and Pat, positive and prolific

I grew up with happy, albeit vague, memories of Disney television programs and a definite love of Disney World which has survived puberty, parenting and my middle ages. So it is with a certain sense of relief that the more … Continue reading

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#Holdmeback and the Cultural Left

If you are an NBA fan, Jalen Rose’s podcasts with David Jacoby are a must listen. Rose has become my Freakonomics-like interpreter for what’s really going on in the league, given his perspective as a former player with many remaining … Continue reading

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