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Inception’s Math Has No Mal-Function

It ain’t no Poincaré Conjecture, but figuring out if the movie Inception’s dream timelines make sense is as close as I’m coming to solving anything. So the only thing I likely have in common with the mathematician from St Petersburg … Continue reading

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Luca Brasi’s Twitter account

1. Brasiscode Great, everybody’s gonna think it was me “@DEATHbyGUIDO: See the thing about masculine children is sometimes you gotta let them grow up. Though I guess you don’t have to … or at least I have 1 friend who … Continue reading

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Shudder Island

Spoiler alert – I recommend you watch [and even pay for] the movie Shutter Island, but this blog post will give away parts of the story. I am a fan of Martin Scorsese’s movies. So it has been disconcerting over … Continue reading

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When to Depart The Departed

We are out there among you. We represent an outwardly unidentifiable sub-culture of intense movie fans that regard casual movie fans as unconscionable dilettantes. Outside the movie theaters, we can’t even tell who our fellow members are until someone goes … Continue reading

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