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1. Brasiscode

Great, everybody’s gonna think it was me “@DEATHbyGUIDO: See the thing about masculine children is sometimes you gotta let them grow up. Though I guess you don’t have to … or at least I have 1 friend who didn’t.”
2 minutes ago via Twitter from pay phone on Bleeker Street near the bakery with the thing out front.
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2. Brasiscode

@Backtothewall: Thanks for the heads up. Just saw the promo. Hey me watching Boardwalk Empire is like Beldar Conehead reading the bible.
4 days ago via Twitter
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3. Brasiscode

Like I’se told Lenny when he got into the method thing — man did Francis hate that and me btw — ‘a verbis ad verbera.’ Words to live by, the latter, not the former.
14 days ago via Twitter
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My bad, I thought you were giving the points.

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