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Dunkirk on Tuesday, May 28, 1940

Dear future insomniacs and internet addicts, Unbeknownst to you, but knownst to concurrent infovores, I blew my deadline to be done with the Dunkirk blogging by the time the movie opened. I will be seeing the movie next week. But … Continue reading

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Dunkirk on Friday, May 10, 1940

Some days in history kinda put other days in history to shame. Take for example May 10th, 1940: On this day in 1940, Hitler begins his Western offensive with the radio code word “Danzig,” sending his forces into Holland and … Continue reading

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Joan had the Dauphin, we got Francis

Did you hear the one about the Papal encyclical whose subject matter was only on the radar of the enemies of the Church, while ignoring the rising level of violence against Christians residing in the Muslim world as the centuries-old … Continue reading

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Inception’s Math Has No Mal-Function

It ain’t no Poincaré Conjecture, but figuring out if the movie Inception’s dream timelines make sense is as close as I’m coming to solving anything. So the only thing I likely have in common with the mathematician from St Petersburg … Continue reading

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