Effusive Christian 1 Unprosecuted Rapist 0

Tim Tebow’s team defeated Ben Roethlisberger’s team in the NFL Playoffs. The last time a rabid crowd witnessed such a contrast in character between competitors, Barabbas was released [not amnestied as first reported]. I was so happy that I felt an urge to slaughter the fatted neighborhood cat, fatted calf’s being nowhere to be seen. But I resisted that urge, which set the tone for the evening.

While sports in general and NFL playoff games in specific are not meant to be morality plays, it still feels good to witness people who have acted badly, criminally in Roethlisberger’s case, not continue to succeed on such a public stage. I assume it’s bad for the business of saving souls when louts, or worse, seemingly flourish.

While the defeat of a sports team obviously does not represent a punishment worthy of rape, any setback will do. People like Gerry Sandusky and Ben Roethlisberger indirectly help me by putting other sports emotions in perspective. For example, thanks to them I realize that the only place I hope to see Nick Saban suffer is at sporting events. For the likes of Sandusky and Roethlisberger, part of me hopes that their suffering only begins there.

But thanks to my Christian faith and many direct examples and some indirect ones, like Tim Tebow, I know that that part of me should not govern my thoughts or actions. I believe that the part of me that thinks that way is not so much wrong as incomplete. That part of me leaves God out of the equation and attempts to substitute my will.  Those thoughts, let alone actions, are not what I wish to defend come judgment day.

So for now I resist my un-Christian urges and work towards a day when I can truly pray for those whom I currently can only resist the urge to wish ill. While I hope I’m limping towards Heaven, the possibility exists that I’m actually slouching towards Gomorrah. Fear being a great motivator, I hereby resolve to pray for Nick Saban.

First thing on Tuesday. Clarification – Saban’s team played for the National Championship on Monday night. I forget who won.

What is Tebowing? [the verb]
To get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

Uganda golf camp Tebowing

Ballerina Tebowing

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