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Effusive Christian 1 Unprosecuted Rapist 0

Tim Tebow’s team defeated Ben Roethlisberger’s team in the NFL Playoffs. The last time a rabid crowd witnessed such a contrast in character between competitors, Barabbas was released [not amnestied as first reported]. I was so happy that I felt … Continue reading

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Calling Pam and Bob Tebow

I think the E-Trade baby commercials are very funny. However, it would not take much imagination to foresee that the kid is probably destined for type of reality show freak existence. There is hope of course. Perhaps his parents are … Continue reading

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One Possible Response to Tebow Super Bowl Ad

The fact that there are people in our society who take offense to the Tebow family story being a part of the Super Bowl made me think. Who or what would constitute the flip side to the Tim Tebow story? … Continue reading

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