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Why Milton Friedman Was Right

Milton Friedman’s most famous example of how free markets operate began with a pencil, but today’s iPhone is just a more sophisticated version of a product whose DNA is made possible by free markets.  Take a look at the graphic … Continue reading

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Milton Friedman Gets Updated

On July 31st, 2012, in the midst of the next Presidential campaign, one of my American heroes, Milton Friedman, will have his centennial celebrated. Whoever the Republican presidential candidate is at the time should be attempting to join themselves at … Continue reading

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Milton Friedman on Hayek

Perception: Milton Friedman was a conservative. Reality: Friedman, and Hayek, saw themselves as radical in attacking the root of the problem [socialism]. Tyler Cowen from Marginal Revolution recommended this C-SPAN Book TV video from 1994 featuring Milton Friedman being interviewed … Continue reading

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Wenski Has Much Currency On Immigration

In the first chapter of his book, Money Mischief, Milton Friedman relates an example of how some islands in Micronesia used round stones, anywhere from one foot to twelve feet in diameter, to represent currency. [It is unknown whether this … Continue reading

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