Paul McCartney: What’s Fair To Say?

Paul McCartney turns 68 today, June 18th. Recently, he took a kinda of girly swipe [is he capable of any other?] at Bush 43. Republicans trying to score political points, asked him to apologize. McCartney, thrilled to be in the news, has refused, stating that he meant it as a joke.

I say forget the apologies route. In keeping with McCartney’s example, humor could be a more effective response. My top reasons that former President George W. Bush should not be bothered by McCartney’s jab are:

  • McCartney’s a 68 year-old male who colors his hair.
  • McCartney’s a 68 year-old male who colors his eyebrows.
  • McCartney had plastic surgery on his face when he was 65 years-old.
  • McCartney had his plastic surgery shortly before his open heart surgery. Shouldn’t the order of those two have been reversed?
  • Rumor Mills have it that since 2002, McCartney has been obsessed with getting a leg up on bush.


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- Cuban Exile [veni] - Raised in Miami [vidi] - American Citizen [vici]
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