#Holdmeback and the Cultural Left

If you are an NBA fan, Jalen Rose’s podcasts with David Jacoby are a must listen. Rose has become my Freakonomics-like interpreter for what’s really going on in the league, given his perspective as a former player with many remaining ties.

In their most recent podcast, Rose pokes fun at ‘Swaggy P’–aka Nick Young, whom Jeff van Gundy devastatingly pointed out that the P definitely didn’t stand for pass–for appearing to want to fight, while simultaneously bypassing guys directly in his face, the Morris twins [6’9″, black Philadelphians] while finally settling on Goran Dragic [6’3″, white Slovenian] to retaliate against. Rose has nicely captured the hypocrisy associated with such moves as #holdmeback.

The Cultural Left, especially their comedic arm, is in the midst of an 8 year #holdmeback period. Barack Obama is the cultural equivalent of a cow walking through a starving Hindu village. Into his 6th year, with a track record which can be characterized as falling somewhere between unprepared and 2nd generation anti-colonialist wannabe, the response from the cultural elites is …crickets. When you factor in a geometrically expanding media market ever in need of more content, crickets symbolizes an impressive display of ideological discipline.

Sitting atop the Cultural Left’s pyramid is Merly Streep, who recently cemented her status by declaring Walt Disney to have been a racist and sexist. Disney’s death recently passed its 47th anniversary. Such is the burden on the cultural left during this special #holdmeback period.

Something I read recently reminded me of the likes of a Streep. G. K. Chesterton in his short story, ‘The Tremendous Adventure of Major Brown:’

… Things came to a head in that celebrated diamond case in which the Prime Minister himself, that brilliant patrician, had to come forward, gracefully and reluctantly, to give evidence against his valet. After the detailed life of the household had been thoroughly exhibited, the judge requested the Premier again to step forward, which he did with quiet dignity. The judge then said, in a sudden, grating voice: “Get a new soul. That thing’s not fit for a dog. Get a new soul.”

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