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What Isolationists Conveniently Omit

Perception: The size and reach of U.S. military power is unnecessary in today’s world. Reality: As U.S. military power diminishes, the vacuum will be filled by rival military powers, not some mythical democratic international arbitrator. Robert Kagan – a Romney … Continue reading

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Don’t Call The EPA To Do A Volcano’s Job

Perception: The global warming debate resembles the evolution debate with two diametrically opposed views.  The radical left environmentalists [atheists] and the global warming deniers [fundamentalists]. Reality: The middle ground in this debate consists of those who are agnostic as to … Continue reading

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Verizon iPhone an improvement?

Perception: Verizon is superior to AT&T, so their iPhone is the better buy. Reality: Verizon voice calls are better, but their data network is inferior. This according to the WSJ’s Walt Mossberg: What about the trade-offs? Chief among them is … Continue reading

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