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What Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Will Swallow

What will Pittsburgh Steelers fans who support Ben Roethlisberger swallow? They swallow their sense of right and wrong for the sake of enjoying their football unencumbered by their conscious. They do that when they defend Roethlisberger and denigrate a twenty … Continue reading

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Bona Fides For Bonifacio

How does one obtain a Marlins Fan bona fides? First you have to fan invest [explained here] in the team. Ideally, you would take a seemingly indefensible situation and attempt a reasonable defense. For example, defending a manager’s [Fredi Gonzalez] … Continue reading

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A Fan’s Ode To Renyel Pinto

Do you remember where you were when you heard that Renyel Pinto had been released last year?  I meant his June 23rd release by the Marlins, not his August 21st release by the St Louis Cardinals.  I was at a … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Periodic Basketball Junkie

Wednesday started off like a very good normal day. Early walk. Mass. Marching orders from the WSJ Editorial page. Billing at work. Client promises of payments. Productive billable hours at clients. Drive around town filled with audiobook [Hot, Flat and … Continue reading

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