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What Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Will Swallow

What will Pittsburgh Steelers fans who support Ben Roethlisberger swallow? They swallow their sense of right and wrong for the sake of enjoying their football unencumbered by their conscious. They do that when they defend Roethlisberger and denigrate a twenty … Continue reading

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Hey Ron, I hear Teegeeack wilI be full of suckers one day

A friend passed along the Modern Library’s list of the 100 best novels. There were actually 2 lists, one was from their Board and the other attributed to Readers. Aside from the great Graham Greene not making an appearance until … Continue reading

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God and Periplaneta Americana

I came to believe in God through Periplaneta americana, otherwise known as the American cockroach. That’s not actually true in my case–I came by other means–but I would pay handsomely for any book with that title. Heck, let’s go all … Continue reading

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