Jorge Ramos: Small man with even smaller ideas

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Univision network’s diminutive anchorman, Jorge Ramos, has pointed his cannon at John Paul II and the Catholic Church. Fortunately for us Catholics, his is a short cannon with limp arguments as I will detail. First a little background.

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2 Responses to Jorge Ramos: Small man with even smaller ideas

  1. Luis N. Perez says:

    Good re-blog timing. Trump schooled Ramos, who came across as whiny, petty….terrible to see, I was rooting for Ramos but it was bad…

  2. Luis N. Perez says:

    His act at the Trump press conference yesterday was embarrassing in that there wasn’t even a pretense of a question, but rather a desire to engage Trump in a confrontation, which is most decidedly not the purpose of a press conference. Much like his stand on JP II (and who REALLY would have a problem with his beatification?- Catholics don’t and non-Catholics wouldn’t care) he apparently isn’t much interested in real debate, or your answer, so much as bull-dozing his position over you.

    Luis Perez

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