Heat fan request to Fox Sports

Dear Fox Sports:

While scanning portions of all games involving my beloved Miami Heat on various fast forward speeds using Comcast’s DVR system, your graphics box–which displays the score on the lower right-hand side–is partially obscured by the DVR’s ‘current place within the recorded program’s entire length’ status bar. As such, this makes the ability to tell when the Heat is making a comeback immeasurably more difficult. Difficult, … not impossible.

A seasoned NBA fan is aided by disproportionate foul shooting opportunities, the body language of non-contumelious players and of course, your periodic tight shots of the losing coach’s angst over his inability to change the narrative of the game [given the crappy players, spoiled attitudes and non-enforceable curfews on team visits to Miami which he has to work with]. But still, why risk it? One of you, Comcast or Fox Sports, needs to budge [literally] and I’m hoping you can be the bigger of the media entities on this issue.

Tragedy–the deletion of a scan-worthy game broadcast–was narrowly averted last night when I detected excessive Dwayne Wade foul shooting opportunities–otherwise known as the Dallas Mavericks twitch. As such, I was able to return to a normal play speed in time to revel in the Heat’s comeback. The win, Wade’s return to form, Beasley’s obvious talent, Chalmer’s defensive skills were all on display last night, but they weren’t the real story for dedicated NBA fans, thanks to your excellent camera work.

With 0.3 seconds left Chris Quinn was fouled by Jarvis Hayes. Quinn made both of the seemingly inconsequential free throws of the already decided contest, two of his six made free throws in the game’s final minute. What’s that you say, you watched the game and didn’t notice?

Here’s what they missed that Fox Sports captured for all eternity:

As Quinn walked to the free throw line, Hayes whispered something to Quinn as he pretended to look away and they both smiled. Big deal? Hey, it was rarer than a triple-double in the NBA, a classy move by a player, Jarvis Hayes, done without fanfare. The bonding of two 3rd year role players from different backgrounds, united by their struggles to stick in the NBA. They have a heck of a lot more in common with each other than they do with Wade or Vince Carter.

By Hayes fouling, he gave Quinn the opportunity to pad his stats and soak in one of his best moments as a professional. This on a night where Coach Spoelstra had called Quinn’s number in diagramming a play in which the Heat’s victory depended on the ability to make free throws. Look for Quinn to pay it forward to another role player later in the year. There is a fraternity and code among role players which operates under the surface of all the attention given to the stars. Cross-racial bonding, professional courtesy and manners on display in a feel good story, all in the last 0.3 seconds.

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