Ernest Hemingway

The Sun Also Rises – chapter 1:

The lady who had him, her name was Frances, found toward the end of the second year that her looks were going, and her attitude toward Robert changed from one of careless possesion and exploitation to the absolute determination that he should marry her.

The Sun Also Rises – chapter 3:

We would probably have gone on and discussed the war and agreed that it was in reality a calamity for civilization, and perhaps would have been better avoided. I was bored enough.

The Sun Also Rises – chapter 5:

“I’m sorry. I’ve got a nasty tongue. I never mean it when I say nasty things.”
“I know it, Cohn said. “You’re really about the best friend I have, Jake.”
God help you, I thought. “Forget what I said,” I said out loud. “I’m sorry.”

The Sun Also Rises – chapter 6:

“He’s [Mencken] through now,” Harvey went on. “He’s written about all those things he knows, and now he’s on all the things he doesn’t know”.

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