John Simon

Reverse Angle – A Decade of American Films

In the present film, Miss Streisand looks like a cross between an aardvark and an albino rat surmounted by a platinum-coated horse bun…. Oh, for the gift of Rostand’s Cyrano to evoke the vastness of that nose alone as it cleaves the giant screen from east to west, bisects it from north to south. It zigzags across our horizon like a blot of fleshy lightning; it towers like a ziggurat made of meat. The speaking voice continues to sound like Rice Krispies if they could talk.

Reverse Angle – A Decade of American Films

The first thing we see on the screen, after some amusing fish swimming around the credits, is Jacqueline Bisset’s breasts encased in a white bathing suit that, underwater, becomes translucent, and affords us a fair idea of this magnificent matched pair of collector’s items. The camera dives along with them (not being human enough to dive into them), in a glorius exordium, after which The Deep is downhill all the way.

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