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What Isolationists Conveniently Omit

Perception: The size and reach of U.S. military power is unnecessary in today’s world. Reality: As U.S. military power diminishes, the vacuum will be filled by rival military powers, not some mythical democratic international arbitrator. Robert Kagan – a Romney … Continue reading

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Robert Kagan: Why No Love For Colombia?

Before Egyptian protests initially began on Jan 25th, Robert Kagan had an Op-Ed in the Jan 23rd Washington Post which stated the following: But sometimes American policy is as incomprehensible as it is regrettable, as damaging to our interests as … Continue reading

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Dear Lefty, Match.commie found someone …

The Castro dictatorship(s) have been a disaster for Cuba. Their longevity has been an embarrassment for their supporters. They outlive all rationalizations for their continued hold on power. Not that it matters to those who support them still. The principal … Continue reading

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