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Shakey Scales of Justice

I thought the recent profile of Shakey Rodriguez by the Miami Herald’s Linda Robertson highlighted a key point which is frequently overlooked when judging high school coaches: Rodriguez, 57, has done a lot of winning in 26 years. He’s also … Continue reading

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Carl Hiaasen & The LSD-PL Syndrome

Carl Hiaasen is a great novelist. So sayeth Tom Wolfe, which is good enough for me. Hiaasen is also a long-time South Florida resident who has left of center political views and airs those views as a regular columnist for … Continue reading

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When ‘Baaaa Means No’

See this is what Tom Wolfe is talking about when he writes about the need for writers to ‘plunge into the irresistibly lurid carnival of American life today.’ One of Wolfe’s favorite writers, Carl Hiaasen, has some fun in his … Continue reading

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She Had Me at Varadero and Carol City

Varadero, WSJ, Carol City, Dolphins, Pro-Surge and life begins before birth. No, these items were not pulled from a profile on a right-wing dating service. Incredibly, it is a list some of the background, interests and beliefs of a new … Continue reading

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