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Angels in Our Midst: Smile Pinki

The smiling little girl on the right might not appear to be someone who has overcome great odds, someone who inspired others to do God’s work. But that’s only because you haven’t seen the trailer to the movie, Smile Pinki. … Continue reading

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Faith, Hope and Clarity

I find much much to be distressed about in the news of the times and the latest charlatans. But if I remain distressed, it is due to a combination of my failures. First, is the failure of faith and then … Continue reading

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>We Are Religious Because We Are Not Perfect

>Excerpts from Fr Valle’s 3rd Sunday of Lent homily: The disciples are surprised to find Jesus talking with this fallen, scandalous woman. Why? Because the disciples do not get it. They think that to be religious, you must be perfect. … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday — Slowing the Process of Rot

Slowing the process of rot may not seem like a worthy goal, but give Fr Vallee a chance to explain. I know that I usually have jokes, songs and stories for you. But today we deal with a topic which … Continue reading

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Life: Imagine the Potential

There is a Catholic ad which lasts 41 seconds, has no spoken words, just sonogram images of an unborn child accompanied with text and music, no mention of abortion in the text and concludes with a narrative which celebrates Barack … Continue reading

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Being Human

Prayer for the Unborn Heavenly Father, in Your love for us, protect against the wickedness of the devil, those helpless little ones to whom You have given the gift of life. Touch with pity the hearts of those women pregnant … Continue reading

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Abortion Opposition, Solely on Theology?

Does the pro-life position rest exclusively on private (and thus inherently undebatable) religious intuitions? Catholic writer, George Weigel, whose works includes a biography of John Paul II, makes the case in a Newsweek column back in August 2008, that the … Continue reading

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History and the Responsibility of Faith

While it is frequently misused, the wealth of information and inspiration available on the web is amazing. For Catholics especially, sites like those maintained by EWTN have something for all levels of interest. There was a powerful homily this past … Continue reading

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Where Do You Look for God?

Our favorite ethernet homilies come courtesy of Fr Vallee. His latest homily, begins as follows: Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, and an unnamed disciple are the first to follow Jesus. The way the call takes place is extremely interesting. The two … Continue reading

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Why Is Christ Baptized?

Fr Vallee weighs in on Sunday’s gospel reading and tackles the question, Why is Christ baptized? Augustine tells us: “Discover why he was born and you will discover why he was baptized. There, I mean to say, you will discover … Continue reading

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