Padawan Morrison Back Too Soon? Sith Happens

Recently, Padawan Morrison was ordered to leave Planet Jazz and return to Sun Life. To understand why this move is such a risk, a little background is needed.

Following the Yuuzhan Vong War, the system of training Jedi became more regimented and organized, more closely resembling the setup of training in the Old Republic era. Students were divided into groups based on age, each group having a predetermined set of techniques to be learned, like Force Jump, Telekinesis, Force Persuasion, and center fielding exercises.

Now Padawan Morrison has had his training cut short so as to assist Master Yoda’s older brother, Master McKeon, in the loneliest of outposts. While there have been cases where leaving the training early has not done harm, every galaxy has its Darth Vader. Time will tell if this desperate maneuver — Younglings despise uncertainty — was short-sighted. After all, we of all people, know that Sith happens.

These are Larry Beinfest’s potential statements on the recall of Logan Morrison.

Statement A: Rarely in the annals of player development was so much accomplished in so little a time. We thank out staff in New Orleans for their tireless efforts. In a way, Morrison’s efforts in New Orleans had an Inception-like quality to them. While the calendar may have marked only 10 days, Morrison in effect put in the equivalent of a month-long Spring Training. So much so that we are willing to forego the final week of AAA-ball that we initially had carefully planned out. Some may see Morrison’s weak batting numbers [BA/OBP/OPS — 167/222/597] and wonder what the heck we are talking about. We don’t expect them to understand, they probably never played the game.

Statement B: Sometimes we mistake good fortune for skill. When that happens, arrogance is the by-product. Recently, when a very good but immature player needed some guidance, I decided the most effective path would be a demotion. My 80 year-old manager thought it was a good idea as well, go figure. But now as I see a club in a free-fall and desperate to change the subject to something, anything more positive, the move looks more vindictive than effective. I was wrong to have pulled that stunt, welcome back Logan Morrison.

I’m assuming that not commenting is not an option, right?

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