Morrison and the Door Closers

The 2011 Marlins have a rock band feel about them. Morrison and the Doors – as in Logan Morrison and a bullpen that closes on everything; doors, streaks, an LA Woman, hopes and rallies. Hopefully, my wordplay will be the only other resemblance to that band, given that the Doors started strong and flamed out early.

See LeBron James was not the first icon to bring his talents to Miami. But by the End Of The Night of Jim Morrison’s visit in 1969 to the Dinner Key Auditorium, When The Music Was Over and he should have headed out the Back Door Man, instead the police arrived. They said, My Eyes Have Seen You and we were called by an Unhappy Girl. It was a Blue Sunday morning. A Twentieth Century Fox film would follow.

Have you seen the Florida Marlins numbers after 13 games? Logan Morrison must be thinking Someone Touch Me — except Maggie M’Gill from Love Street — he is first or a close second in every Marlins hitting category — see Marlins hitting stats here — 2nd in average to Sanchez [Spanish Caravan] and OPS to Dobbs [The Unknown Soldier]. Morrison has started to earn a reputation as a Wild Child and a very good hitter. He may look like The Wasp, sound like People Are Strange, but he hits like he’s ready to Break On Through To The Other Side [>1.0 OPS]. Morrison is so laid back he looks like he just Take It As It Comes, but I’m here to Tell All The People that it’s OK not to Touch The Earth for now, because The Changeling Logan Morrison is not.

The Marlins bullpen is turning former hit parades into The Soft Parade, with opponents hitting just .180 against them and sounding like Shaman’s Blues on a Moonlight Drive. They have Been Down So Long that it may seem like Strange Days to see where they stand in comparison with all of Major League baseball in the following relief pitching categories — see MLB pitching stats here:

  • ERA – 1st
  • BAA – 1st
  • Wins – tied for 1st
  • Blown Saves – tied for 1st
  • Saves – tied for 2nd

As a Marlins fan, I try to be optimistic, so no one needs to Light My Fire. We know not to expect an Indian Summer here in Miami, but the view from here is that odds are Five To One that this Marlin team will be Riders On The Storm instead of singing the Roadhouse Blues while looking for the Alabama Song Whiskey Bar.

Peace Frog. The End.

About Jorge Costales

- Cuban Exile [veni] - Raised in Miami [vidi] - American Citizen [vici]
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3 Responses to Morrison and the Door Closers

  1. howie says:

    i am a bigger marlins fan then you are!
    nice job with all that DOORS stuff

  2. 2 Think Good says:

    Thanks Howie – it became a challenge to sneak in as many song titles as possible – open to ideas on any missing songs

  3. howie says:

    your welcome, and to add something and i hope i get this right, to all those that havent replied yet, “hello i love you, wont you tell me your name”
    i may have missed a word or two, but i am sure you will know. and let me know…lol

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