Isiah Thomas: Failing Upwards and Onwards

The good news for FIU is that Isiah Thomas probably wasn’t destined to coach here for a long period of time. I didn’t like the hire [see here], but will concede that Thomas’ key recruits won’t see the floor until next year [maybe]. However, how many of Thomas supporters would have expected the team to regress this year?

But wonder of wonders, the Los Angeles Clippers are apparently interested in hiring Thomas. That last sentence could only have been written with the name of one NBA team, we would hope. The only plausible explanation is that Mike Dunleavy has decided that the only way to salvage his coaching reputation is to bring in someone who would make him look better in comparison.

One has to wonder about Thomas’ motivation at this point. I mean failing to turn around yet another team can’t hold that much appeal to a man who has the destruction of an entire league on his resume. David Stern needs to find his inner Goodell and get Mr Thomas in the right job.

Hey aren’t we going to be in a war with China in about 30 years? Hey aren’t the Chinese coming on in basketball? Hey isn’t Stephon Xavier Marbury already in China?

If America were to get serious about the destruction of Chinese basketball, Marbury would represent our opening [and vicious] salvo and Thomas … Thomas would mean that America is getting serious about inflicting pain in our rivals … Dear BHO, hear me out on this one, you’re looking a little light in the loafers lately and I got [yet] another Chicago lad that could really help out … the beauty of this is that you look like you’re doing him a favor, but in reality … I’m just saying …

Article referenced is copied in full at end of post.

Report: Clippers contact FIU coach Isiah Thomas

FIU men’s basketball coach Isiah Thomas has been contacted by the Los Angeles Clippers to be their coach, general manager and president, according to a report by Fox Sports.

Fox Sports’ Jeff Goodman reported a source close to the situation said the Clippers have reached out to Thomas. reported that two unidentified senior executives with the Clippers have denied that Thomas was contacted, with one saying the report was “ridiculous” and “irresponsible.”

Telephone calls placed by The Miami Herald to Thomas and FIU athletic director Pete Garcia were not returned.

Mike Dunleavy stepped down as coach of the Clippers on Thursday, but remains the team’s general manager. Dunleavy was 215-325 in six-plus seasons as the Clippers’ coach.

Thomas is in his first season with the Golden Panthers and has a 7-18 record, but signed a 2010 class that has been ranked as high as 17th in the nation by

Thomas, a Hall of Fame point guard with the Detroit Pistons, previously coached the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks.

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