Bill Geist is Drop Dead Funny

Thanks to my DVR, the removal of the odious Dan Rather and a great anti-communist segment by correspondent Martha Teichner in August, I have willingly modified my long-standing ideological blanket hatred of CBS and can now readily admit that their Sunday Morning program is a favorite which I rarely miss. The recent segment by the very funny and droll Bill Geist about the Heart Attack Grill is a good example why. A few of my favorite lines:

  • Our motto is simple, ‘Taste worth dying for.’
  • All that’s missing is a priest to perform last rites once the potentially lethal bypass burger has been swallowed.
  • Instead of a salad bar, there’s a Flatliner Fries bar.
  • I think my heart’s on that side.
  • At the Heart Attack Grill, their motto is ‘Live for the day,’ and if you’re lucky, maybe even into the early evening hours.

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2 Responses to Bill Geist is Drop Dead Funny

  1. brrrrt says:

    I have been sharing meals (mostly of the holiday variety) for over 30 years. His books are Non-stop funny. Rather (sorry, I slipped with my word choice)than help him with his condition, I have fallen victim to his disease and I, his favorite brother-in-law am condemned to support him til death do us part, which could be all too soon.

  2. Jorge Costales says:

    OK brrrrt, what?Help me out – give me the morse code book, or please fill in the missing wordsRegardsLost in Miami

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