Chronicles of Narnia [P1] by Daniel Costales

This movie is based on a book, and they are the same. I liked this movie a lot because of the war, the fights and the creatures. Some parts of the movie are really funny.

This movie is about four children named Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan. These four kids find the land of Narnia and soon become Kings & Queens. The first one to find Narnia, is Lucy. Then at night, when Edmund went to the bathroom he saw Lucy walking somewhere, so he followed her. When he finished following her, he was in the room with the wardrobe closet. So he went into the closet and found Narnia. So he was the second. Later in the story, Peter and Susan find Narnia as well.

Edmund betrays his brother and sisters because of the evil White Witch. He soon got to the good guys side. They all found out about the prophesy from the Beavers, who told them everything. They learned about how Aslan was coming to kill the White Witch.

So they trained for the war. Peter had to lead the war. Because of the writing around the stone table, Aslan had come back to life. He took Lucy and Susan to the war and they brought Peter back to life after the White Witch thought she had killed him. At the end, they became Kings and Queens.

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- Cuban Exile [veni] - Raised in Miami [vidi] - American Citizen [vici]
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