Nacho Libre by Gabriela Costales — #42729

This movie is about a Friar named, Ignacio (Nacho) Libre. He lives in an orphanage and cooks the food – nobody likes his cooking but he says it’s because there are no fresh ingredients. His dream was to become a wrestler – or a luchador in Spanish, movie takes place in Mexico. His life pretty much [consists of]; “I wake up at 5 am to cook breakfast. I love it! I also get to sleep in my bed by myself my whole life. It’s fantastic!”

One day a nun – Sister Encarnacion – comes to the Monastery and Nacho falls in love with her – too bad she’s a nun – but, so does another monk named, Hector – ya know the guy with the girly mustache. Anyways, uh …, oh right – one day Nacho finally got tired of his job and tried to fulfill his dream and be a luchador and maybe he can get some money to buy the orphans some food.

So he teams up with this weird, dirty, monkey-looking guy on the street whose name is Esqueleto and makes himself a costume. They pretty much lose every single match they were in so far but, he is getting paid because the people think they are funny. So now he goes and buys food for the orphans and nice clothes [for himself]. He wants to show Sister Encarnacion how tough he is, but she doesn’t like wrestling. So he and Esqueleto make a plan; Esqueleto would bring his friends to attack Nacho during his date and they will let Nacho win. So Nacho puts on his nice clothes and during the date the Sister asks why he isn’t wearing his robe. He says, “It was dirty, these are my recreation clothes” – he then tightens his pants where his butt is. Anyway, he gets into a fight with the wrong guy and loses.

[The movie did not end there. Obviously preparing for life as a Union rep, my daughter produced the required single page – no more, no less – Signed Amazed Father]

About Jorge Costales

- Cuban Exile [veni] - Raised in Miami [vidi] - American Citizen [vici]
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