Florida Marlins Finances: Pigs get fat, hogs get stadiums?

Please click on the spreadsheet to enlarge or print.

While most have heard of the Forbes reporting on the valuation and profitability of MLB and the Marlins, I think having their work summarized in a P&L financial statement format will help us fans understand this issue better. For those who really want to get into it – Free pocket-protector anyone? – please see the related postings on the right side of the page under Florida Marlins Finances.

Back in April 2008, we got some attention at 2 of the more serious baseball blogs: Sabernomics & The Hardball Times [THT]. Then in June, an interview with me was posted in THT. Aside from an initial concern over being labeled a ‘fiend’ on a web site whose title includes the word ‘hard,’ I am very appreciative to John Beamer from THT for the opportunity.

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